So… are you mindfull, or is your mind full? In our last meeting we discussed mindfulness and what that actually means for us. Mindfulness is really about being present in the present, savouring the now rather than looking forward or backwards. Easier said than done! For example when I read to my daughter at bedtime, I’m usually also thinking about making dinner,  my job or even an altercation with the builder! We’re constantly multi-tasking both physically and mentally, so much so that often nothing gets our full attention or appreciation.

What to do? The first step is to just be aware of how easy it is to be distracted. We miss so many precious moments and happy times by anticipating the future (often future problems…). Treasuring good times is a discipline, something to do consciously at first, and then hopefully habitually.

This is all tied into happiness/joy, if we’re always looking ahead or regurgitating the past then we never have the chance to enjoy our lives and relationships. How can we feel content when straining ahead to the next project or experience?

Action? Concentrate on what you’re doing, commit to the experience and absorb or savour it. Easy!