The Love Dare


So, last headspace someone was talking about the ‘Love Dare’; essentially a book containing 40 days worth of ‘dares’. The idea is that, based on Biblical principles, you do one dare a day, ranging from the relatively straightforward ‘do one kind thing for your partner’ to the almost impossible ‘try not to say anything negative all day’.

This book has been a New York Times Bestseller and seems to be making it’s way across the pond. Reviews on Amazon claim that it can be fairly revoluntionary for one’s marriage but then again I don’t always believe everything I read. I am also slightly concerned about a cheesiness factor which so often follows these sorts of things. However I do believe in the principle that loving someone is a decision and often if you start to act in a particular fashion, the feelings will follow.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband deeply, but often the busyness of life, the demands of the children and just getting through the day seem to interfere with the feelings that I think I should be experiencing. All too often I find myself resentful, or viewing our relationship as a ‘contract’ rather than a ‘covenant’ (more on that later) which can be a distinct passion killer.

So often I’m so much more preoccupied on what I am getting from the relationship than what I am giving to it, and him.

Perhaps it’s time for the Love Dare…………….!

So I’m going to start on Feb 14th. An apt day don’t you think. Anyone want to join me? Let’s do it in secret. Share your experiences with me on this site

We can do no better for our children than strengthen our marriages.

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  1. i’m going to join you Emma. my copy arrived yesterday and have been wondering when to begin. love the idea of doing it in secret. i know Mark will smell a rat immediately as i think the first challenge is to do with patience!

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